Mizuna Greens with Cherries, Pistachios and Shaved Parmesean

  • Posted on: June 30, 2014

cherry, pistachio salad 2014-06-29 014Cherries are in abundance at my local farmer’s market.  Sweet and juicy with a hint of tartness.  My kids can’t get enough of them.  And I am right there with them.  I almost ate this  entire container of cherries on my way home today.

cherry, pistachio salad 2014-06-29 001

Luckily  I bought two so I had plenty left for this salad.  Cherries are full of antioxidants and low in calorie.  A great snack.

cherry, pistachio salad 2014-06-29 007

This salad has all my favorite ingredients: pistachios, cherries, Parmesan cheese, greens and a lemon vinaigrette.  Mizuna greens are a little spicy, but not quite as spicy as arugula.  If you can’t find mizuna greens, arugula would be a great substitute.  Cutting the cherries and getting the pit out takes a little bit of patience and time.  It’s a great time to practice mindfulness :)

cherry, pistachio salad 2014-06-29 010

This is summer salad.  We enjoyed this meal outside tonight looking out at the mountains.  I have been home for a couple weeks now and still find my jaw dropping at the scenery.

Wow.   I am smitten to be home!

2014-06-29 004



Mizuna Greens with Cherries, Pistachios and Shaved Parmesean

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 2 serving as a meal. 4-6 as a side


  • 1/2 lb mizuna greens
  • 1 cup cherries, cut into quarters removing the pit
  • 1/4 cup shelled roasted pistachios
  • 1 oz shaved Parmesan cheese
  • Lemon Vinaigrette
  • 1 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbs white balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • pinch of sea salt


Wash and dry the greens and place in a large salad bowl.

Add cherries and pistachios.

In a small mason jar, add lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and sea salt. Shake jar well until well combined.

Pour dressing on top of salad and mix the salad tongs.

Add shaved Parmesan and serve.



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