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Hi,  My name is Luisa Kingsdale Naughton.   I live in Crested Butte, CO, a small mountain town at 9,000 feet,  with my husband Eric and our two wonderful children, Max and Cecilia.   I am a wife, mother, ceramic artist, health coach and cooking enthusiast, among other things.  Greens and Sweet Things is a recipe blog about real, healthy and tasty food.  It will include everything from green salads to sweet desserts.  I have been making pottery for over a decade and have created thousands of vessels that hold food. Now I am going to prepare the food.    I want to encourage making real whole foods and getting your kids involved in cooking.   It is a goal for myself to buy and eat less processed and packaged foods and to make fresh meals for my family.

Generally speaking, I am a late bloomer. I have always been and it was certainly no exception when it came to trying new foods. My mother, who is Italian, would make her wonderful tomato sauce and while everyone else would be mmming over their spaghetti with Bolognese,  I would be eating a plain bowl of spaghetti with butter. I hated tomatoes, didn’t eat avocados, and the smell of fish cooking would be enough to send me straight out he kitchen door. I didn’t eat spicy food until I met Eric, who uses cayenne as most people use salt and pepper. But I always did have a sweet tooth.

I am happy to say that through people, places and time, I have expanded my culinary horizons. I crave my mothers tomato sauce, eat avocados by the spoonful and have enjoyed many a fish. Through farmer’s markets and CSA’s, I have discovered vegetables I never really knew about. Beets, kale and brussels sprouts are regulars at my house. I cook with quinoa, use almond flour in my baking and think sea salt is a must.  My tolerance for spice is beyond what I ever imagined.  And my sweet tooth is holding on strong…although I am working on letting it go.

I believe that we are what we eat.  Hypocrates  said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”   I spend a lot of years eating  junk and feeling like it too.   As a mother and wife,  I want to feed my family healthy, nourishing foods so we will flourish.    Here’s to adding life to our years!

I would love to hear from you….please leave me your comments!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something tasty to cook for you and yours!



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  1. Luisa, I am loving your blog!!!! Keep it coming…. It gets me motivated to get more “health” into my family. Thank you!

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for posting the photos — it’s one of the best and most readable food blogs I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!

  3. Luisa !
    So excited and proud of you!
    Great job!
    Love you guys lots !
    See you in the summer for yummy cooking !
    Kerry and Arjuna

  4. Hi luisa!
    I’m loving your blog with the pictures and it’s fun reading about healthy eating.
    I really think a lot like u and my pantry looks like yours. I haven’t always been so healthy, but there’s no turning back. I really feel great and have lots of energy, even my skin looks better after giving up wheat. I do my best to feed my kids healthy and my husband is hooked on smoothies and my granola. I really enjoy your recipes, thanks for your encouragement !
    We Are moving to cb soon, can’t wait to meet you some day.

    Ally Davis, (new client of Eric)

  5. Hi Luisa, great to see your blog and read about your interests. I’m thinking about trying that liquid breakfast, if I can get Julia, who just returned from Israel, and is missing vegetables and fruits like crazy, to join me in it.

    Loving having Julia home–she flew in the day of of the dedication.I was thinking of you all and wishing I could have been there.

    The pics are great. We all miss the man! Love to you, Eric and the kids–Jon

    • Hi Jon, Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes! What’s easier than throwing a bunch of stuff in a blender:)
      I am sure you are so happy to have Julia home. From the pictures I have seen on facebook over the last many months, she looks so happy and beautiful and it seemed like she was having an amazing time.
      I hope to catch up with you all soon!
      xo Luisa

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