Morning Smoothie with Mint


I haven’t made smoothies in at least a month but as I was thinking of ways to get more healthy food into my kids diets.   I remembered how much they like smoothies and they are easy to sneak greens into.   My son is quite picky and has probably a half dozen staple foods he likes.  Broccoli seems to have just fallen off the list but I am going to work hard to get it back!   He likes his broccoli and edamame with soy sauce (shoyu or tamari) but I might just have to sprinkle some chocolate sauce on it for the time being.  Kidding…but  what is a mama to do??

Make smoothies!

So here is what I made this morning and let me tell you it was a hit.  It’s been a while since Max has asked for seconds but this morning I think he had thirds.


1/2 cup coconut milk ( use any milk)

3 Tbs vanilla cream top yogurt (beware of the non-fat yogurts because they are loaded with added sugar)

a handful of ice

1/2 banana

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup mixed berries

1 cup of kale

about 5-6 mint leaves

1 tsp maple syrup

I blended everything in my Vitamix Blender, which is amazing and in about 15 seconds, we had out smoothie.  The mint really adds a nice flavor.

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  1. Zoe likes coconut water for the liquid and honey for the sweetener. I’ve thrown an avocado and some cocoa powder in there, too, and it tastes yummy enough for a 3-year-old. . .

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