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Veggie Tacos with Peach Salsa


Rain Rain Rain.   I am not complaining.   At all.    I am just saying there’s been a lot lately.   June was all sunshine all the time and as much as we needed the rain, it did feel nice.   But one drop of a match and the  whole town might have caught fire.   The flowers were not making their usual colorful appearance and riding the trails left one inhaling a lot of dust.  I started to wonder if it was ever going to rain again.

It did.

July seems to be making up for things.   Flowers are blooming, trails are hard packed and the grass seems pretty wet.  And I just heard they lifted the fire ban in town.   This July weather is reminding me of my years in Portland, OR.   One day after working in my ceramic studio and  listening to the rain singing on the windowpanes, I got into my car and there was a puddle of water at my feet.   My sunroof seal had well…unsealed.   Lovely.    That was a wet drive home.

The best part about rain is when you get to see one of these…

So as I again listen to the sound of rain on my roof,  I am thinking about Portland.   I remember eating some pretty tasty tacos in Portland.  That is what I am making today.  Tacos.   These are vegetarian but feel free to replace the tofu with chicken or fish.

Rain makes me a little sleepy.   That and my little munchkins waking me up several times in the middle of the night because they had a nightmare or are scared of monsters.   Who even taught then about monsters?  I would like the have a word with that person.  Anyway,  as I was cooking the tofu, Read the rest of this entry

Avocado and Orange Salsa


Here is a fresh take on chips and salsa or chips and guacamole.    It’s sort of like gualsa, but that just doesn’t sound right.  Call it what you will.

It is a great dish to bring to parties and has a burst of orange sweetness in every bite with some heat from the jalapenos.

Avocados are another food that I didn’t really eat until after college, which seems so weird now.  My son Max was eating guacamole when he was a year and a half.   But he also eats edamame which, again, I didn’t even know about til maybe ten years ago.     My friend Hillary really got me hooked on avocados when we moved to Crested  Butte after we graduated.  I was skeptical but it didn’t take more that a taste of her guacamole to turn me into a fan.   Avocados are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fat, are the best fruit source of Vitamin E, and studies show certain compounds in avocados help to prevent certain diseases like cancer and heart disease.    Eat ‘um up folks!

This is another recipe I adapted from the amazing cookbook Ripe by Cheryl Sternman Rule.   The photography is enough to make each dish look truly delicious and this recipe is just that.

The hardest part to this recipe is segmenting the orange.  But once you know how to do it, it’s actually pretty quick.   I use a serrated paring knife and cut off the rind on one end to make a flat area.   Then from top to bottom, I cut off the rind.    After all the rind is off,  I cut segments in between the white pith.   Many of you probably know this already but for those who don’t, here is the play by play- Read the rest of this entry

Sweet Green Smoothie


Today marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary.    These are a couple pictures of them from my wedding day in July of 2005.   I wish my dad was here to celebrate with my mom.  They probably would have taken some wonderful trip and invited the family, as they were so generous in doing.   He loved to travel and share adventure with all of us.    We lost him to cancer 2 1/2 years ago and he is missed dearly.

Losing him changed the way I think about food and disease.  It changed the way I eat forever.  On this special occasion I want to share with you a drink of health.   May we all lead fun and exciting lives full of adventure and good health.

A couple handfuls of lettuce, some fruit, some herbs and you are all set.   This is becoming my everyday morning breakfast.    Don’t let the color deter you.  It’s actually quite a sweet drink.

I leave the house in the morning happy that I have already had several servings of fruits and vegetables.   It feels good to start the day on such a healthy note.  While I can’t imagine sitting down to a salad at breakfast, this drink lets me get all my greens in such a sweet and easy way.  It takes no time at all so if you are rushed in the morning, in less than 3 minutes you have breakfast ready and you can take it to go.  Fill up a mason jar, bring it to work and drink it throughout the day. Read the rest of this entry

Hot water with lemon and zest


I know it doesn’t sound like much.  A bit boring I suppose.   But it’s my new morning must have.   Before I eat anything, I drink my hot water with lemon.   And now I am adding the zest.  Not sure what took me so long to do this but after reading, again, how the peel of the lemons has up to 10 times the Vitamin C as the juice, I am adding it in.  Lemons are antiviral, antibacterial and very healing.   Lemons are cleansing and aid in digestion and flushing out the toxins.   It’s good to clean yourself out in the morning.  Enough said….