Sweet Green Smoothie


Today marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary.    These are a couple pictures of them from my wedding day in July of 2005.   I wish my dad was here to celebrate with my mom.  They probably would have taken some wonderful trip and invited the family, as they were so generous in doing.   He loved to travel and share adventure with all of us.    We lost him to cancer 2 1/2 years ago and he is missed dearly.

Losing him changed the way I think about food and disease.  It changed the way I eat forever.  On this special occasion I want to share with you a drink of health.   May we all lead fun and exciting lives full of adventure and good health.

A couple handfuls of lettuce, some fruit, some herbs and you are all set.   This is becoming my everyday morning breakfast.    Don’t let the color deter you.  It’s actually quite a sweet drink.

I leave the house in the morning happy that I have already had several servings of fruits and vegetables.   It feels good to start the day on such a healthy note.  While I can’t imagine sitting down to a salad at breakfast, this drink lets me get all my greens in such a sweet and easy way.  It takes no time at all so if you are rushed in the morning, in less than 3 minutes you have breakfast ready and you can take it to go.  Fill up a mason jar, bring it to work and drink it throughout the day.

This drink is good for your body, good for your skin and good for your mind.  And it’s summer.  The perfect time for a smoothie.   Come winter, I usually want something more warming in the morning but for now and the next several months, smoothies are my breakfast most of the time.

Below is the recipe but keep in mind that you can really put anything in this.   Use my recipe as a guide and then look in your fridge and see what works for you.  I am not a banana person but if you are, that would be a great thing to add.   Try grating a little fresh ginger for a nice zing.  And instead of parsley, add some basil or mint.   I switch it up all the time but the recipe below is a nice mix.

SWEET GREEN SMOOTHIE- makes about 4 cups

1 1/2 cups Water

2 Big Handfuls of washed lettuce (spinach, mixed greens, romaine)

1/2 of a Avocado

1 Cup of Grapes

1/2 of an Apple

1/2 of a Pear

 small handful of Parsley – about 1/4 cup or less

Zest of 1/2 Lemon

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

In a Blender (I use a Vitamix which  ILOVE), Combine water, lettuce and parsley.  Blend.  Add Avocado, apple, pear, and grapes. Blend until smooth.   Add lemon zest, lemon juice and Blend again for a couple seconds.

Pour into a fancy glass and Enjoy!

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